Covid-19... A few tit-bits to help you through the current crisis

  • St Georges Day Mummers play
    Exploiting the wonders of modern technology, the wizzards (and witches) of Broadwood have, for your delight and delectation, assembled their meagre resources to provide you with a mummers play that will meet no equal!
  • Our very own Jim renders Henry V
    Our Jim rises to the occasion to muster the spirits of all with a rousing speech from his Horsham back garden. Definitely our finest hour (this Thursday evening).
  • May Eve Extravaganza
    Rory and Dick devote their daily exercise opportunity to offer, on May Eve, a fine rendition of the Princess Royal solo jig - Bledington

That's all folks ...for now, but we will try to add to the collection as interest (and despairation) grows.